A North Bay Certified Vehicle is one that goes through a comprehensive mechanical inspection before it is delivered to the customer.  Most manufacturers and CPO dealers then add a "limited" warranty to the car on top of the original warranty and call it "Certified Pre-Owned."  The dealers will tell you it is free and comes with the certification, but rest assured, they are simply adding it, at a premium, into the selling price of the vehicle.  As well, please keep in mind, the additional warranty is a "limited" warranty and is not an extension of the comprehensive original factory warranty.

Here at North Bay Imports, when we certify a vehicle, we put it through a very thorough, comprehensive mechanical inspection and repair or replace anything we find that is not operating to the manufacturer's specifications.  When it comes to wear and tear items such as brakes and tires, we guarantee there is at least 40% life remaining or we replace them. Our goal is that when you leave our dealership with your new car, we do not hear from you until your next scheduled maintenance.  We also guarantee our vehicle comes with one remote key, all floor mats, books, and media cables if applicable.

Unlike the certification at a franchised dealer, we do not build a limited warranty into the price of our cars.  Our cars come with the remainder of the factory warranty and we offer you the option to purchase a "comprehensive" extended warranty.  The warranties we offer are far superior to the "CPO" warranties offered at a franchise store.  They cover most components on the car with the exception of wear and tear items such as brakes, tires, wiper blades, etc.  We can also tailor the warranty to your driving habits, unlike the certified warranties that are one size fits all.  Depending on how many miles you drive, you may want a longer warranty by time with fewer miles.  The warranties we offer are also good at any repair facility in the country so you are not limited as to where you can bring the car.  Our warranties also come with a $0 deductible, so if you do have a repair, you do not have to take any money out of your own pocket.  Another benefit to our warranties is the fact that if you total your car, or get rid of it before the warranty runs out, you can cancel the warranty and get a prorated refund.  That is not an option with the certified warranty.

Summing up, why be forced to pay for a "limited" warranty that may not fit your driving habits and may or may not cover a repair needed down the road.  With North Bay Imports Certified Vehicles, we alleviate this hassle.  If you have any other questions regarding our certification process, please contact one of our Sales Representatives.